Having the privilege for over 30 years of being central to all major businesses in Romania and decision-making hubs, be they economic, political, social, cultural or of another nature, George Butunoiu has built a series of projects that all have as solid foundation the privileged information that circulates in these environments and the direct and personal access to the key people who own them.

George Butunoiu has become one of the de-facto first point of contact for many principals and senior stakeholders across the aforementioned circles of influence and has developed a suite of offerings to deliver exclusive and bespoke solutions, specific to each individuals requirements.

These principals and stakeholders were also the employers, but at the same time the candidates for hundreds of recruitments for key, top management positions that we have done so far. We also buy for them and do real estate transactions with them, be they industrial or residential. And at the end of the day, they are the sponsors of the scientific and cultural projects of our foundations, and the most knowledgeable savoir-vivre consultants…

Real estate transactions in the industrial, commercial, office and logistics areas